The Moon Police...

             ...are an ensemble of five talented people that combines the songwriting of Sasha Evans and Grace Freeman, with multi-intrumentalist Brent Samson, featuring Douglas Miller on the Violin, and Shane Anderson on bass to create eccentric, organic and masterful songs.  The band plays a blend of classic and bluesy music with lovely, quirky vocal harmonies and inventive melodic styles.  The band's unique music features lyrics that are romantic and poetic as well as fun and uplifting.  The Moon Police are the merging of the two duos, "Gal Musette" and "Sasha and Doug".  Both girls play keyboards and ukulele and have adapted each others' songs, adding operatic harmonies into the mix.  They keep writing music and the new songs come to fruition every two to four weeks.  Both Grace and Sasha have written over 60 Songs each.

Brent Samson: Grew up playing guitar as a worship leader at San Juan Calvary Chapel. Brent and Grace have been performing as the duo, "Gal Musette" for the past five years.  He met Sasha Evans waiting tables together at Canons Seafood and Jammed together after hours in the Cannons Lounge.  Brent sings mostly accompaniment harmony and switches between as he calls it "Kick-Tamb" Guitar and his make-shift drum kit.  While mostly handling the rhythm section in The Moon Police, Brent is the writer of Track 8 "Ain't Got No Reason".  His solo project can be found here.

Grace Freeman:  the compulsive songwriter who's first body at work which is 70 Love Songs, which is a tribute to Steven Merritt's album "69 Love Songs."  Her influences include The Cure, Bing Crosby, The Magnetic Fields and Bright Eyes.  Grace speaks fluent French and with Brent, has performed man concerts from San Clemente, CA to Toronto, Canada.  She lives with her family in San Clemente. She & Brent have been performing as the duo, "Gal Musette" for the past five years and she also has a solo project which can be found here.   She is one of the main songwriters in The Moon Police writing songs such as Oliver and Rush.

Sasha Evans: has been playing as a duet with Doug Miller for six years and has completed four albums and is currently working on her fifth.  She currently teaches and is continuing to song write in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  In the Moon Police Sasha is one of the main songwriters, writing songs such as "The Lost Go Sailing By" and "Mornings".  With Doug, she has opened for Rita Rudner at the Laguna Playhouse and has played several times as well as headlined at The Coach House.  Sasha's Project featuring Doug on Violin can be found here.

Doug Miller: played violin since he was 9.  Was in the Navy four years and discovered he could play most anything off the top of his head.  He has played with several bands, including Corky Carroll's Funk Dog Surf Band.  He has recorded tracks on over a dozen albums over the years.  He met Sasha at an evening soiree in Laguna where they played together for the first time and have been a duet since.  He plays in services at two churches in Laguna:  Laguna Presbyterian, and at Neighborhood Congregational.

Also an artist, he has been exhibiting his paintings at Sawdust since 1971 and has painted over 15,000 pieces and he is also a photographer, having taken more than half-a-million pictures over the past 46 years.  Currently he is scanning and posting his historic pictures of Laguna Beach and its people on facebook.  A documentary was made about Doug in his painting and photography which can be found here.

Shane Anderson:  is a well known stand up bass player from San Clemente, CA that joined the Moon Police fairly recently to help out with the bottom end.   Shane plays both double bass and bass guitar.  He often hosts band practice and small parties at his studio in in down town SC and has become an icon of the small surfer town.

Updated: 11/17/2016